FEDRAhub members follows the filmmaker allowing him an organized post-production workflow, to allow the film reach its maximum creative potential while saving on the budget.



We provide our facilities and our post-production laboratory for independent cinema and low-budget films, formulating indie-friendly pricing for each project. Contact us and let’s talk about your project.
  • Post production coordinators for budgeting and timeline planning, to creative and technical aspects.
  • Team of visual effect artists, editors, colorists, sound engineers for complete picture & audio post production and finishing process.
  • Cloud and fisical Hard-disks storage plan for your archival project backup.
FEDRAhub services are addressed to film festivals from around the world, independent filmmakers, production companies and film distributions. If you’re looking for a service not listed here, get in touch with us – as we’ll let you know what we can do!
  • Our DCP team prides themselves on meeting the needs of independent filmmakers, exhibitors, distributors and film festivals.
  • Our 2K and 4K DCPs go through a quality control check and are accompanied by a certification of correct operation.
  • We provide a DCI – Dolby screening room for filmmakers and production companies to watch the film.
  • Subtitling department is present in our laboratory, to enable direct contact with film festivals and film distributions.
  • Supporting all valid audio mixes, from 2.0 Stereo to 5.1 Dolby Digital Encoding.
  • Screener DVD / Blu-ray Creation & Replication.

Festivals that have been working with us